Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Because the internet asked ....

Yesterday I had the privilege of going back to Baylor University and speaking at an event for the Theta Kappa chapter of Chi Omega.  I was initiated there in the spring of 1987 .... in other words, a LONG TIME AGO.  The girls could not have been nicer and we had a lovely time. 

When they invited me to come they asked if I could tell them a little bit about my speaking and how my experience in Chi O has helped with what I do.  While I was preparing it occurred to me that perhaps one of my first public speaking "opportunities" was back in the spring of 1987 during pledging.  We had a "get to know you" event in the Barfield Drawing Room (which just so happened to be the same room where last nights event was held).  That day I "won" the "You have the most embarrassing moment" game and  I "got" to stand up and tell the whole chapter my story.

I was going to stop there last night but then I saw the looks on the girls  faces and asked ... "you want to hear the story, don't you?"  And they overwhelmingly said they did.  It was an unplanned "extra, added bonus" in my speech.  It's only been told to family and a few trusted friends and once at a PTA meeting.  In other words, not a lot.

When I mentioned the story on facebook today I almost immediately began getting texts that said .. "DO TELL".

So, here goes, right here on the world wide web ...

I was in the 8th grade.  EIGHTH.  That's important to note because this kind of thing should not happen to anyone ... much less an EIGHTH grader.  

My mom bought me a new pair of pink, wool pants with a flare legs (remember it was the early 80's although I'm not sure these were a good idea even then).  They had an elastic waist and I'm pretty sure they came from the JC Penney sale rack.  Apparently I thought they were snazzy because after I tried them on that night I decided to wear them to school the very next day.

I took off the pants, showered and the next morning put the pants back on for school.

I went to the bus stop just like any other day.  I went to first and second period and everything was fine.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Third period everything was fine too .... until ...

I was just sitting there in French class minding my own business.  Actually I was probably day dreaming. Our desks faced each other with a big aisle down the middle.  I felt something in my pants just above my knee and began to kind of kick my leg.  To this day I don't know why I didn't STOP.  But I kept kicking until all of a sudden OUT OF THE BOTTOM OF MY PANTS FLEW MY UNDERWEAR from the day before.  

OH NO!!!!!!!!! OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And they weren't just any old panties ... y'all (and this is where the story gets REALLY bad) ... they were GASP .... Raggedy Ann and Andy panties.  WHY DID I (an EIGHTH GRADER) HAVE THOSE?!?!?!  Someone tell me!??!?  

And so I did what anyone in that situation would do ... and I started acting like they weren't mine.  I said "EWWWWWW" and "GROSS" and made a scene while fervently praying  that no one would ever know they were mine.

The teacher called the janitors office and, as if to add insult to injury, I KID YOU NOT ... he came down to our classroom with TONGS.  HUGE tongs.  GIANT tongs.  And he scooped up my panties and they have never been seen again.

The end.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

What's the Answer?

Yesterday at breakfast I asked Jacob what he wanted for dinner that night. (The very fact that I was thinking about dinner before 8 am is a flat out miracle).  I still haven't made a "big" grocery store run since our Spring Break trip and it's been slim pickings in the food department around here.  

I knew I was going to the store later and was hopeful he would tell me just the thing to make.  He suggested something that only has three ingredients so I said "PERFECT".  In fact, the recipe calls for a pound of hamburger which (miracles abound!), I just so happened to have in the freezer, already browned.  I set the meat out to thaw and knew I'd pick up the other ingredients after my exercise class.  

By four o'clock I had dinner prepared.  As in READY TO EAT.  

And I waited.

I waited because Bill usually calls about 4:00 and asks "what's the dinner plan?".  I'm pretty sure this started because he grew tired of walking in the door after work and asking the same question only to see  me get a panicked look on my face when I remembered that I meant to think about that earlier.  

I was so excited to actually have an answer for him ... but he didn't ask. 

We were meeting up at 5:00 at the middle school track meet.  Savannah made it to finals in hurdles (so proud and amazed at her jumping over those hurdles!  I can barely walk without tripping and she jumps over hurdles and makes it look easy).  

Still Bill didn't ask about dinner.

I was about to burst because I had an answer!

While I was driving home I called my mom because SOMEONE needed to know I had made dinner early!  HA!

Finally when Bill got home he asked and I think I saw a little shock and awe (and probably relief) on his face when I had an answer.  (yay me!)

And speaking of having an answer ... I've been writing sessions for a womens retreat on hope.  Today I was reading 
1 Peter 3:15-16. 

It says ...

     Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.  

Basically Peter is saying ... if anyone asks you about your faith ... know the answer.  Be prepared.  Don't wing it.  Don't "think about it later".  

As fun as it was to have an answer for Bill on our "dinner plan" ... how much greater to have an explanation for the hope I have in Jesus.

I want to always have an answer for where my hope comes from.  

And I WISH I always had an answer about the "dinner plan".

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hello and Merry Christmas!

Well hello there dear blog readers.  I've missed you.  A lot.  I love to write but I also love my family and they keep me busy.  I'm hoping to write more ... be looking for it because I'm feeling kind of  "bloggy".  

I taught Sunday School this morning and I told our class that we love Jesus but we lost Him. (More about that in the links below). He is gone, can't find Him anywhere. When I looked up what I had written I realized two things:

1.  He's been missing for two years.  I thought it was only one.  Time moves quickly.  I've GOT to find Jesus!

2.  I never published the 2013 missing Jesus blog I wrote.  I think I just forgot to press "publish".  So I've done that now.

I'm going to keep looking for Jesus everywhere.  

And I might just go buy another one for my nativity set.  (hopefully I'll remember!).

Merry Christmas friends!

2013   "An Empty Nativity"     Read it here 

2014    "We Lost Jesus"            Read it here

We lost Jesus.

February 16 and I have just put up the last of our Christmas.  As in ... the very last.

Late, I know.

It was really just one thing.  Everything else has been put away for a long time ... except for our nativity scene.  

You see, we lost Jesus.

Somewhere I had read (pintrest maybe?) where families put baby Jesus away when they set out their nativites.  On Christmas Day they put him in the manger ... symbolizing that he is born.  I thought that was a great idea.

At least a great idea until Christmas Eve came and we couldn't find Jesus. 


Just so you know ... and not to point fingers, but Bill hid him.  And he has a pretty good (bad?) track record of losing things he has hidden.  We will forever be looking for the baseball Bill caught at Jacob's first major league baseball game.  

The last seven weeks or so we've been looking for Jesus and try as we might, we just can't find him.  So, I told the kids ... "we are putting the nativity away but we are still going to be looking for Jesus".

All year.

Until we find him.

And what is so great is this ... we ARE going to find him one day and he is going to have been here all along. 

And I just think that is very cool ... a metaphor really ... of our lives.  And how we can look and look ... perhaps in all the wrong places for Jesus.  We can become frustrated with how things are turning out.  We can wonder where he is and why he isn't showing up.  We can think he isn't there.

And then, one day, we'll realize ... he's been there all along.

I will be looking for Jesus this year.  And even if we find that small plastic Jesus that completes our nativity ... we will keep on seeking him, looking for him in the details of my life.  

Friday, May 2, 2014

For all the breakfast planners out there ...

Sometime last year I began asking my friend Elizabeth about her "meal planning".  I'd text her on Sunday nights and ask her what "our" meal plan was for the week.

The first time she answered me I was SHOCKED because her meal plan included breakfast.

And y'all ... I have never given a second thought to what we were having for breakfast before I stumbled into the kitchen any given morning to make something while my people were dressing.

And by "make it" I really mean put out the cereal bowls.

When I called to tell her about my breakfast "meal plan" she said her family rarely eats cereal.

I couldn't believe it.

And while I have yet to embrace an "official" breakfast meal plan strategy ... I have felt quite fancy serving my sausage grabbies.  A friend gave me the recipe and said they can be made the night before and they freeze great and you just pop them in the microwave to heat.  I haven't actually frozen any yet because they get eaten too quickly at my house but for the "freezers" out there ... this recipe totally will work for you.

My friend Janet gave me the recipe and said she grew up having these for breakfast and sometimes even for dinner.  Bill takes them to the office in the mornings and warms them in the microwave there and eats them as he plans out his day.  Jacob has them as an after school snack quite often ... and my dad had one as a late night snack ... so, as you can see, they are very versatile. :)

It's not exactly a RECIPE recipe because it only has three ingredients ... but it's good and my family likes it.  I've given the recipe to neighbors and they've liked it and last weekend I made them while my parents were in town and my dad asked for the recipe. So dad ... here it is, as you requested.

And, BEST PART, they are SO easy.

Here's what you need:

You also need a bag or English muffins but I don't have any and I'm not going to the store before next week so you are just going to have to picture it in your head, ok?

The recipe is called "Sausage Grabbies" and if I was the Pioneer Woman I would make them and take lovely pictures of each step and the photos would make everyone hungry .... but I'm not the Pioneer Woman so what you see is what you get.

Here are the steps (again.... picture them in your head):

1.  Brown the sausage (I use Jimmy Dean reduced fat).  I brown two pounds of sausage and drain it and put in a bowl.  I add one or two jars of Kraft Old English and mash it all together.  (The original recipe calls for one jar of cheese to every one pound of sausage but when I reduced the amount of cheese no one seemed to notice).

2.  Take a spatula and smash, stir, mix the cheese with the sausage until it's melted and distributed evenly.

3.  Open each english muffin and put on a pan.  Spread each muffin half with the sausage mixture.

4.  Place in oven on broil for 2-3 minutes.

5.  Enjoy

Slice up some fruit and you have breakfast!

Tell them it was on your "meal plan".

Monday, April 21, 2014

And then they drove up in a Baylor car

For the first time in years we made it to the early service for Easter.  That is quite a feat for us.  Not lying.  The music was beautiful and it was a packed house.

Kind of like the movie theater the night before.

Saturday night we went to see "God's Not Dead" but it was completely sold out.

So we went home and got ready for the next day where we would celebrate the original "God's Not Dead" story which is SO VERY GOOD.

And after church and after lunch with the Easter bunny ... 

and some Easter pictures (notice the photo bomb over Savannah's shoulder)

and some Easter basket fun (look what a good sport the Easter bunny is bringing Caroline a University of Texas basket!)

we headed back to see the movie.

It was very good.  Totally recommend it.  GO SEE IT.

Afterwards we came home and made pancakes, eggs and bacon for dinner (which has absolutely nothing to do with the story but I love making breakfast for dinner).   I started scrolling through facebook and saw that the Baylor car (that a friends daughter had won at a football game in the fall) was TWO STREETS over from my house.  I mentioned that I would die if that car pulled up to my house ... and guess what?!  Five minutes later it pulled up.

I WAS BESIDE MYSELF.  I rode in it up the street so we could try and take a picture in better lighting.  Then my cute college friend said I could DRIVE IT.  And y'all, I laughed and I laughed.  In fact I laughed so much I hit a curb when I was pulling it up to my neighbors house so she could come out and see it.

It was SO FUN.

And funny.

And the car is for sale.

So now I want to buy it mostly so we can drive up in it to Caroline's dorm at the University of Texas next year for parents weekend.  

Because that would be hilarious.

At least to the Easter bunny.  

Saturday, April 19, 2014

It was kind of like having facebook ... except they didn't have facebook.

One of my favorite parts of the Easter story ... well you know, besides the part where Jesus died for our sins ... is that He first appeared to Mary.

When Jesus ROSE FROM THE DEAD he could have made himself known to anyone.  He could have stood up on top of that door of the tomb, which was the "rock that was rolled away" and yelled for anyone to hear .... "I'm alive!  What my Father said was true!!!!".  

But He didn't.

He appeared to Mary.

Mary who, I'm sure in her grief, had gone to the garden to be close to the tomb.

Mary, who was there doing probably exactly what I would have been doing, ... FREAKING OUT.  

"WHERE DID YOU PUT HIM?!" she cried.

She knew his body wasn't there and it was just too much for her.  She had to know where He was.  She had to be thinking ... surely this cannot be happening.

She didn't recognize him at first.  

And then he said her name.  Gently,  I'm sure.


And, through tear filled eyes and a choked up voice she said ... "Rabboni".

I truly think that might be one of the tenderest verses in the Bible.

She knew His voice.  

He called her by name.

And she was overwhelmed, overjoyed and SHE HAD TO TELL SOMEONE.

Because thats what women do, right?

When we have good news, we want to share it.

And Mary ran straight to the men who, I get tickled just thinking about it, probably thought Mary had lost her mind.

But they did what men do ... they ran to see for themselves.

Trust but verify.

And since that day ... SINCE. THAT. DAY. the prophesy that was foretold in the Old Testament, the resurrection of Jesus Christ who died for your sins and mine .... has been told over and over and over again.

So, had it been today, Mary probably would have been the first to tweet it. 

It wouldn't have taken long before it was a "trending" story.

And this is what is so cool ... it's still trending.

The story, the tweets, the facebook statuses continue even unto this day.  We must tell the story.  The story that our sins "not in part but in whole ... were nailed to the cross and we bear them no more" and "it is well, it is well with our souls".  

Happy Easter!  He has risen.  He has risen indeed.